The Oatmeal Zaps Through Its Awesome Tesla Museum Funding Target

By Sam Gibbs on at

The Oatmeal just keeps getting more brilliant. After finding a talent for raising money for good causes, Matthew Inman took to saving Nikola Tesla's original lab, turning it into a goddamn museum. I'd say that's pretty freaking awesome, and considering it's already rocketed past its £540,000 target in just a few days, loads of others think so too.

The money's going to a non-profit outfit that's attempting to buy up Tesla's crazy scientist lab in New York, which apparently needs some £1 million-odd to grab the deeds. Inman's original target was about £540,000, but it's already blasted miles past that and there's no reason it won't hit £1 million before the 39 days left run out. Not bad folks, not bad at all. It just goes to show, motivated by some humorous comics, the internet can do wonders, and raise an absolute tonne of cash. Anyone in the Giz faithful persuaded to open their wallets? [IndieGoGo via Gizmodo Australia]