The Sonic Chair Is the Coolest Thing I've Seen at IFA

By Sam Gibbs on at

IFA's been chock-a-block full of tablets, 3D TVs and, err, cooking appliances, but the coolest thing I've seen this year has to be the new and improved Sonic Chair. Sit in this thing and be utterly immersed in your music, like you've just sat in an exquisite pair of headphones.

It's a circular chair that just cradles you like a baby when you sit back in it. Its stitched leather outer meets a snug-feeling suede interior that's both plush to the touch and looks great. As a piece of design-led furniture, the Sonic Chair is pretty damn awesome, but it's really all about the sound, and thankfully, it excels here too.

Using a 3.1 sound system, with integrated amplifiers and DSP that's tuned to the bespoke frame, the Sonic Chair not only sounds fantastic, you can genuinely feel the music too. The bass reverberates through the chair, letting you feel the pounding of the drum or twang of the bass guitar. The Sonic Chair also packs noise-cancelling tech, which isolates you in your music -- it worked a treat in the busy exhibition hall.

For inputs you can have whatever you like -- an iPad docking case; an iPod dock; RCA inputs -- you can even get one with a tray for your laptop or a mount for a full-blown iMac attached to the arm. The controls are just inside the chair, with an analogue-feeling set of knobs that you'd expect to find on some old-school high-end hi-fi.

Sitting in the Sonic Chair is like sitting inside an amazing pair of headphones, which is glorious, but there's a catch. It starts at a whopping €8,000, which is about £6,400-odd, and ratchets quickly up from there. It looks like the kind of thing you'd find in a Premiership footballer's house, and its price tag is deserving of such luxury. Unfortunately, until I win the lottery, there's no Sonic Chair for me, but if you've got well over £6,000 burning a whole in your pocket, it ships world wide.