The Xperia T Continues to Show Sony's Got Its Finger on the Camera Phone Button

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A quick scan of your nearest phone shop’s store shelves will turn up dozens of identikit Android phones. But when your eyes clock that Xperia badge, you’ll instantly recognise trademark Sony features – the latest in super-fast connectivity, and perfect pairing with other Sony products, sure, but importantly, a great-quality camera, using technology from their hugely-successful Cyber-shot range of cameras. The Xperia T is the latest in Sony’s super-slim range of phones.

Packing the latest Sony Exmor R image sensor, photos are taken as soon as your finger hits the trigger, which as the commercials are always bleating at us, is ever so important for shooting photos of your kids' football game. Or your friends' rowdy antics, more likely...

The 13-megapixel sensor has been coupled with a 16x digital zoom, meaning photos taken from the back of gigs will clearly illustrate the drummer's sweat-patches. You lucky thing. Auto-focus; face detection; red-eye reduction and scene recognition are the standard features of Sony's Cyber-shot range of digital cameras, and Xperia T owners can appreciate the intuitive additions too. Taking a look at the front of the phone, the forward-facing camera shoots 720p video; great for video-chat or your "can't be arsed turning the phone around" glamour profile pic.

Let's face it -- as we age (or indulge in life's finer liquid creations), our memories tend to...sorry, what were we saying? Ah yes, our memories tend to falter. That's why geo-tagged photos is a must-use feature. No longer will you forget where that awesome taco stand lurks! The good-looking lifeguard on your favourite beach! And so on. In one neat addition, Sony's painted a pretty 3D globe effect in the photo albums, so geotagged photos appear all over the world -- if you're lucky enough to have left your home town, that is.

Running on Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich), the Xperia T is the perfect entertainment device – snap crisp photos and record full 1080p HD videos with that 13MP camera, and view them back on the slick 4.6-inch HD Reality Display. Or, share them with any screen using Screen Mirroring (alternatively, go “old school” by hooking up a HDMI cable), which works just as awesomely with downloaded or side-loaded movies.

Heard of NFC? It’s not just for paying for your sanger in the shop on the high street. Transfer photos, music, and other files with friends, without fiddling with cables; email addresses, or apps.

Available in a pocket-friendly 139-grams shell, in black, white, and for the flashier amongst us, silver. Just remember to thank us when you're scooping prizes in our fortnightly Shooting Challenge. [Sony Xperia]

Check out the unboxing video, below.