These Five Threadcakes Look Far Too Good to Eat

By Jon Partridge on at

Cakes, sweet, sweet merciful cakes. We love 'em. We hate what they do to us. But these cakes are a little bit different, as we don't want to eat them. We want to preserve them in some kind of magical cake museum, because they look absolutely incredible. Called Threadcakes (an amalgamation of cakes and indie-darling, crowdsourced t-shirt shop Threadless), the baking competition has been going since 2009 and we've slapped ourselves silly gorging over them before. The latest entries for the 2012 competition are absolutely stellar and out of the 163 top-notch entries from this year, we've selected five of our favourites.

Top image: Friendship Totem Pole
A great t-shirt idea is turned into an even better cake idea, complete with Muppets too. Can't possibly go wrong with that, right?

Memento Mori
Erm, it might look a bit morbid, but the excruciating detail stuck into the cake looks absolutely phenomenal, and pays a great tribute to the original design.

Zombies in Wonderland
This looks more like an action figure diorama rather than an edible creation. I wonder if it tastes as good as it looks?

Pizza Loves Pizza
I think this would be equally awesome if it was made of real pizza too.

I hope the sand is edible too, as this cake looks like an absolutely perfect and yummy 3D rendition of the design.

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