This Armoured Booze Carrier Keeps Your Drinks In Check

By Jon Partridge on at

Ahhhhlcohol. Going hand in hand with summer and barbecues, you always have to keep a look out on your own beers as the most eagle-eyed among friends will hound on the first free can they can spot. But fret no longer, as you can give 'em a squirt with this RC booze carrier to keep would-be thieves at bay, while you drive your cans to your beverage-thirsty self. Excellent.

For just a mere £65-odd, this RC truck is able to carry a whole four cans of delicious goodness and can be controlled from up to 75 metres away -- and most importantly -- the on-board cannon that can hold around half a pint of whatever liquid you desire (keep it clean!) to squirt up to 8 feet away, making no-one really safe from your terror. It can also retract its wheels and glide along surfaces of water with its twin propellers, but it can't quite ferry across beers too. Still, truly an engineering feat, I'm sure you'll agree.

After you've driven your beers to yourself and had a few, feel free to re-enact any Mars Landing shenanigans for your own amusement, just try to keep it civil. [Hammacher via RedFerret via UberGizmo]