This Coffee Shop Just Wants Everyone To Stop Instagramming Already

By Eric Limer on at

Four Barrel Coffee in San Francisco had something of a problem with loud customers being all "hipstery" and annoying the neighbors, so they posted a notice kindly asking hipsters to shut the hell up. Only a few days later, the sign had to be amended to include another forbidden act which had suddenly become popular: Instagramming the sign.

The whole situation is a bit absurd, and it's likely the Instagram ban is at least somewhat in jest, but Four Barrel Coffee is known for its less-than-accommodating stance towards technology. There's no outright ban on tech, but the shop refuses to offer Wi-Fi—practically a given these days—in hopes of keeping things low-tech and low-key. It might not be a bad idea, considering how hellish a coffee house can be when too many people are trying to use it as an office. One thing is for sure, this Instagram "ban" is probably just going to result in a lot of pictures of that sign on Instagram. [TechCrunch]