This Crazy Japanese Company Will 3D Print a Model of Your Unborn Baby

By Sam Gibbs on at

I'm not sure whether to be creeped out or amazed, but apparently you can now immortalise your unborn baby's first image in a to-scale 3D printed sculpture. I guess it's slightly better than your newborn's first poop gilded in gold, right?

Made from CT or MRI scans, it'll set you back just ¥100,000, or about £820, should you want a permanent record of your sprog pre-entry into this world. Fasotec creates these works of art using a two-resin process called Bio-Texture, which is also used to make medical models, and I can't help but think it should have just stopped there. Keychains and mini-versions are also available, should you desperately want to cart junior around in your pocket too. Talk about a keeper. [DigInfo via The Verge]

Thanks Seb!