An Emergency USB Battery Charger That Fits In Your Wallet

By Jon Partridge on at

Everyone hates running out of battery on their phone, no question about that, and carrying around an emergency battery charger is often a pain as they can be quite bulky, and external battery cases are just as cumbersome. But this charger is small enough to fit in your wallet.

At 7mm thin, the Proporta TurboCharger Pocket Power can juice up your smartphone or whatever gadget in your arsenal that takes a Micro USB jack, as well as Apple devices with an additional adapter. The Pocket Power tops up Samsung Galaxy S III devices by up to 23 per cent; the Kindle by 50 per cent and the iPhone 4S by 34 per cent. Perfect for juicing up your phone to make a few calls and send a few text messages when you're in a pinch. The device packs a few LED lights to show you when you need to top up the battery too, and it doesn't break the bank either at £12.95. Sorted. [ProPorta]