This Is the Alarm Clock Droid You're Looking For (At a Price You Definitely Weren't)

By Andrew Liszewski on at

This isn't the first R2-D2-themed alarm clock to grace these pages, but serious collectors (and serious sleepers) might want to take note of this iteration. Made from the highly-detailed and accurate moulds used to churn out R2-D2 plastic models, this astromech alarm clock plays a symphony of Star Wars themes and rolls around your room when it's time to get out of bed.

But this R2 isn't all about looks. Hidden beneath a sliding access panel on his chest is an LCD screen displaying the time and alarm settings. And instead of just making bleep bloop noises when it's time to wake, R2 can play the Star Wars theme, messages from Princess Leia, or those incredibly catchy Cantina songs. Imagine showering every morning with those tunes stuck in your head—you'll be reaching for a blaster in no time. All those extra details don't come cheap, though, and this little astromech will line Lucas' coffers with an extra £65. But we've all spent money on far worse Star Wars crap, right? [Strapya World via 7Gadgets]