This Is What the Special Forces Raid on Kim Dotcom's Mansion Looked Like From the Armed Police Helicopters

By Sam Gibbs on at

The US versus MegaUpload's Kim Dotcom case has been raging for months, but now we can see how it all started. Watch from on-board cameras as the police helicopter swoops in complete with commentary from foot soldiers, armed with assault rifles, shouting out over their radios as it happened.

It's amazing how over pre-pared the police were; it's almost as if they were going in to raid a drug baron and expecting all out war. OK, Dotcom had guards, but only two of them, and it's not like he was living in some kind of barricaded fortress lined with gun men, ready to repel an army or something.

To be fair, he did have a really sweet-looking house, with a secret room and everything. But was there really any need to bash down the door, to use oodles of police, plus a whole group of crack troops armed to the teeth, just to arrest the man? It plays out more like a Hollywood flick; all that's missing is the gun-touting music. [3News via TorrentFreak]