This Is Why You Should Never, Ever Let an Amateur "Restore" Works of Art

By Sam Gibbs on at

A Spanish pensioner has stunned Spain with her efforts to "restore" a 100-year-old fresco of Jesus, which now looks more like a gorilla trying to blow bubbles in an ill-fitting tunic. This is why people who aren’t professionals shouldn't be let anywhere near precious works of art with a paintbrush. Blimey, Grandma, what the hell were you thinking?

Apparently, Cecilia Gimenez, an 80-year-old-plus pensioner was upset with the way the fresco had deteriorated over the last 100 years, and decided to take it upon herself to paint it all back in. She claims she had the priest's permission, but she's managed to totally bury the delicate brush strokes of Elias Garcia Martinez, the original artist, in thick "haphazard" splatterings of paint. Ouch.

Art historians are now meeting to try and figure out whether they can save the historic painting, but if not, they'll apparently just cover the wall with a photo of the painting -- sounds like a bit of a bodge job to me, but needs must, I guess. To make matters worse, the local art restoration centre had just gotten a donation to actually restore the painting professionally. Oh dear. Lesson learned -- don't let pensioners with paintbrushes loose in churches, or any other halls of hallowed art for that matter. What on Earth were they thinking? [Telegraph]