This Kids' VW Camper Van Tent is Beyond Adorable

By Jon Partridge on at

While the kids might not be old enough to hit the festivals in a proper vee dub just yet, they can at least pretend to rock out in their own wee-little camper van tent, a miniature version of the full-sized VW tent we loved last year. I wish Firebox sold this when I was young...

Kids can use the power of 'imagination' to have fun with the tent, rather than just sleeping in it, because hey -- that's boring. The mini-van comes in either blue or pink, and there's room for three little monsters in the tent, with the whole thing folding down into a 'spare wheel' carry bag. When it needs to be called into service, it springs up in an instant with just the need for a few support poles to be slipped in, making it the perfect companion for playtime, and to the elder van-tent too.

Pretty ace for days at the beach or in the woods, it's available to buy from Firebox for £54.99.