This Laser Knife Can Slice Your Food Into Any Shape

By Jon Partridge on at

So, you just bought a new knife set and you think its pretty sharp. Well, it could potentially be made redundant by this pretty awesome concept for a laser knife, that cuts up food into any shape using electromagnets. Any shape. Did I mention lasers? Yeah, lasers.

Andrey Kokorin, a Russian graduate from Ural State Academy of Architecture and Arts, has entered his "Innovative Laser Device For Cutting Of Foodstuff" (great name, right?), or BLITZ, design into the annual James Dyson Awards. While it doesn't quite suck or blow like Dyson's vacuums or dryers, it does cut up all kinds of food into various shapes, with a focus on replacing unsanitary and unsafe kitchen knives with a fast, clean and 110 per cent more awesome tool -- a goddamn laser.

Sure, it might look like a robot's head, but when it swings open, a two-litre bowl pops out which you then fill up with whatever foodstuffs you desire. The menu to control the device is projected onto an adjacent work surface, which you can fiddle around with to select your desired cutting settings. Hit what you want, whack your food in, and the device will start slicing up your food along three dimensions. Radical. If Kokorin is successful in his national heats, his design will head on over to the international final where he could potentially win £10,000 for himself and his school, as well as fame, fortune, and a kickass laser knife. [James Dyson Awards via Wired UK]