This Magical Microwave Gun Zaps Away Your Sweat Glands So You Won't Sweat Anymore

By Casey Chan on at

The only reason why summer sucks? Sweat. It gets everywhere—your pits, your face, your back, your crotch—and turns summer into a slimy, sticky, smelly season. How do you stop it? Deodorant? Air Conditioning? No, mere mortal, a magical microwave sweat zapper gun!

Yes. A microwave gun that blasts your sweat glands into oblivion. This thing actually exists! The zapper is called the miraDry and it promises to use microwave energy to destroy the 22,000 to 30,000 sweat glands in your armpits. The procedure is non-invasive (though it does require local anaesthesia), the gun uses 'vacuum suction' to bring the sweat glands closer to the surface in combination with a cooling system to protect the skin before it heats the glands and eliminates them so it doesn't grow back. The whole process takes no more than two treatments at half an hour each time. As an added bonus: the miraDry also kills odor and hair follicles. This thing really is magic.

As a guy who sweats considerably more and a heckuva lot easier than the normal person, I wouldn't mind being put under the ray on this. Though where's the love to all the other sweat glands on our body? Why just the pits! [MiraDry via WSJ]