Three Not Bothered By £150m Plan For Rural Coverage Boost

By Jon Partridge on at

A plan that will cost £150m to boost mobile signal in rural areas has been put in jeopardy after Three UK decided to mull on the idea.

Three is not prepared to put its equipment on the masts that aim to boost signal in parts of the UK where there's little or no coverage at all, as the network provider believes that it won't have enough of the mobile spectrum to give good results to the plan. The company is currently sitting on whether or not it will join the plan, and will not decide until after the 4G spectrum auction which is not expected until next year.

Apparently, if Three's equipment is placed on the masts, the signal would work indoors, yet it would not be as useful as the other networks' as it would not travel as far, meaning those further out will not receive any benefit.

The government hoped to give out contracts to have the masts built next month, which will reach around 60,000 households, yet there are still 900,000 households in the UK that do not have full coverage from all the major networks. [The Guardian via TechRadar]

Image credit: Mobile mast from Shutterstock.