Three's Definitely Launching a 4G Network, Says Samsung

By Sam Gibbs on at

If you were in any doubt that Three's raring to launch its own proper 4G network, this should put your mind at rest. Samsung's boasting it's just got the nod to provide Three with LTE network hardware in the UK -- now if Everything Everywhere would just clear the airwaves, we'd have two somethings to shout about.

Three will apparently be holding an LTE trial this year, with a launch sometime in 2013 -- either after the 4G auction, or when EE clears Three's newly acquired 1800MHz bands. Samsung's got quite a lot of experience with 4G in Korea, so it's not unexpected. Let's hope Samsung's also bringing some cracking 4G phones to the UK too; a LTE Galaxy S III anyone?

Still, it's interesting to hear that Three is definitely going 4G; maybe it's time to think about a name change? Four perhaps?

Image credit: Mobile masts from Shutterstock