Tiny Boat Brings Go-Karting to Your Local Lake

By Andrew Liszewski on at

Maybe you want to get into boat ownership, but can't be bothered to keep a full-sized one around. Maybe a jet ski isn't your style. Maybe you just like minature things. In any of those cases, you might like the Marinekart.

Very much the boat-equivalent of a go-kart (why they didn't call it a the boat-kart is anyone's guess), the Marinekart weighs around 55kg and has a 6 hp outboard engine that can get it up to around 20 mph. It's probably best enjoyed solo, but you can pack up to four people on if that's seems like a good idea to you. So far, the price is TBA, but it'll surely be less than a real boat, and probably closer to jet ski territory. Whatever the price, it beats the hell out of a paddle boat. [Marinekart via Uncrate]