Tom Daley Wasn't the Only One to Get a Torrent of Twitter Abuse On Team GB

By Sam Gibbs on at

Tom Daley hit the headlines yesterday over the arrest of a teenager, who sent him some pretty horrific abuse. It seems Twitter's got a bit of a problem on its hands, as it wasn't just Daley getting the hate, loads of Team GB have been targeted.

Notably, 18-year-old female weightlifter, Zoe Smith, got the small-minded chauvinistic attacks you’d expect, but she just shrugged it off and went on to lift a new British record. Likewise, Rebecca Adlington got hate, and not just from good ol'Frankie Boyle either.

If you have a quick scan of tweets sent to Team GB people, you'll see the vast majority of them are positive and supportive, as you might expect. But there is a hard line of super-dicks sending real hate to the athletes. The problem is that it's actually driving celebrities and public personalities, like sports people, off Twitter. As the Guardian points out, people like Louis Smith have actually ditched Twitter over the Olympics because of the abuse -- imagine if other celebrities that actually tweet themselves did that.

What's wrong with people that they must abuse others? I thought we were growing up from our internet trolling days (or at least putting them to good use), but it seems Twitter is the troll's new home. It's such a shame; the arseholes are starting to ruin it for the rest of us. [Guardian]

Image credit: Troll from Shutterstock