Triggertrap Mobile: Turn Your Phone Into a DSLR-Triggering Powerhouse

By Jon Partridge on at

Sometimes when you're shooting photos from a distance, but you want to change a few extra settings, a standard trigger won't do. Enter Triggertrap Mobile, an app version of the Kickstarter product we've covered in the past, that has more than just a few additions.


What does it do?

It lets you trigger your built-in camera or SLR camera using your iPhone/iPod/iPad using more than 12 different triggering modes. You'll need an extra dongle (around £16.95) to connect your camera to your device, but with over 280 different cameras supported, plus a whole host of different settings available, it's well worth the admission fee.


Why do we like it?

With so many different triggers featured in the app, we wonder if we could ever get bored of it! The possiblities are essentially endless, and while using it with the built-in camera is quite the treat, hooking it up to a DSLR awesome. Extra features like a Sunrise Mode, which tells you when the Sun will set and rise is a great feature that will let you time your shots to perfection. [Triggertrap Mobile]

Triggertrap costs £6.99 for iOS devices, with a free trial available.