Troy Hartman's Awesome Personal Jetpack Will Awake the Dormant Thrill Seeker Inside You

By Tom Pritchard on at

We've seen a fair bit of jetpack related news in the past, including the jetbike; commercial jetpacks, and even a jetpack school. But now, Troy Hartman, the man behind jetpack skies, is back with his new personal jetpack, which will make your inner adrenaline junkie shake with excitement .

Made from a combination of a parachute and UAV thrusters, this jetpack uses basic parasailing principles to provide stability and steering, giving what is probably the closest thing we've got to sustained unassisted flight.

At the moment it only allows seven minutes of flight, but Hartman estimates this could be tripled with some tweaks to the configuration. I, for one, am rather excited by his awesome work; yet another thing to add to the list of things to buy, if I win the lottery that is. [Youtube via The Awesomer]