Vodka Red Bull Makes You a Bit More Sensible, Apparently

By Jon Partridge on at

A student staple in the drinking menu across many university student unions and the root of many sleepless nights, Vodka Red Bull has fuelled many parties and mad nights out. And as results day dawns on A-Level students today, many will find themselves partying it up tonight and experiencing the joys of a bit of irritability, maybe some heart palpitations and of course, staying up awake all night. But consumers of the energy concoction will apparently be less likely to do something really stupid than if you stuck to just booze alone.

Of course if you overdo it on the vodka, then the only thing you have to worry about is chucking up in the loo, but if you take it easy, researchers at the University of Tasmania claim that you'll be a helluva lot more sensible than the lads on cider or someone having a three-way fight with Captain Morgan and Jack Daniel's.

The findings were the result of an online survey of Aussies aged 18 to 35 who had consumed what the paper calls an "AmED", or alcoholic beverage mixed with energy drinks. The paper says that "The odds of participants experiencing disinhibition and engaging in 26 risk behaviors were significantly lower during AmED sessions relative to alcohol sessions."

The paper continues, "Similarly, the odds of experiencing several physiological and psychological sedation outcomes were less during AmED sessions compared to alcohol sessions.” The reason being for being slightly less of an idiot basically amounts to energy drinks keeping you a tad more alert, so your brain remembers not to let you do dumb stuff like midnight streaking or attempting to jump over a three-metre fence.

However, not everything is gravy, as "the odds of enduring physiological (i.e., heart palpitations, sleep difficulties, agitation, tremors, jolt and crash episodes, and increased speech speed) and psychological (i.e., irritability and tension) outcomes potentially related to overstimulation were significantly greater during AmED sessions than alcohol sessions."

Might want to think twice about that mix then, after all. [The Register]

Image credit: Small vodka glass from Shutterstock