Watch the iTunes Festival Live From the Comfort of Your Living Room, or iPhone

By Sam Gibbs on at

Ok, so watching the live stream of a gig or two might not be all that comfortable on your iPhone, but this year Apple's streaming its 30 consecutive nights of live, free music from theĀ iTunes Festival in London's Roundhouse on the Apple TV too. No need to hack it to Camden, just slump yourself in front of your big-screen TV and feel like you were there.

Both the iTunes Festival itself, and the live streaming are free, and you can even get it on your iPad, if that's how you roll. Maybe this is a taster of what we can look forward to from a rumoured Apple HDTV -- live streaming IPTV through apps. Anyway, if you've got an Apple TV, or iPhone or iPad for that matter, check it out and grab the app from the App Store. Free live music; can't argue with that. [Apple Insider]