What Piece Of Tech Would You Use Forever If You Could?

By Eric Limer on at

A few days ago, my trusty Microsoft Wheel Mouse Optical started acting a little bit funny. I think it's developed a short in the wire, like every device with a wire eventually does. I've used this baby for at least four years now, and she's never failed to treat me well, so the thought of laying her to rest hurts my very soul.

Sure there are newer, potentially better mice out there, but the Microsoft Wheel Mouse Optical always did what I needed, and never let me down until now. A big part of me doesn't want anything newer. What piece of old tech would you hold onto forever if only it would hold up? Anyone out there still rocking an iPod Mini? A keyboard that's missing some keys? A typewriter? Pictures lovingly adorned with hearts are welcome and highly encouraged. I need to see some love to help me cope with my impending loss.