What's the Worst Name Everything Everywhere Could Use for its 4G Service?

By Gary Cutlack on at

Mobile network Everything Everywhere has been registering a few potential names to use for its spin-off 4G service, with the likes of "4GEE" and "4G Every" apparently under consideration.

The Register claims ten alternate trademarks were registered with the UK's Intellectual Property Office back in May, with others like "4G Everywhere" and the incredibly cumbersome "4G Everything Everywhere" also among the possible names for EE's forthcoming next-gen mobile network.

The early version of the logo submitted alongside the names doesn't help simplify matters, either. The use of the "@" symbol in the prototype logos (inset above) might have some people calling the new network "4G Everything Everywhere at" or "4G Every at."

We're going with Three's 4G option simply because it's easier to type. [The Register]