Why Is Nobody Buying Our $1 Million Vacuums, Wonders Company

By Molly Oswaks on at

Remember the $1 million -- that's £643,000 -- gold-plated vacuum with its own awful rap video? Of course you do. Gaudy loot like that isn't easily forgotten.

And apparently, it's not easily sold, either.

"It's perplexing to me, but as of now we've not sold a single vacuum," creator of the Gold Vacuum, Justin Haver, is quoted as saying in a press release advertising the product's up-for-grabs status. Not moving any inventory, the GoVacuum has announced that its fancy dust-suckers will be made available to those willing to shell out $1M...OBO (or best offer, in eBay and auction parlance).

There you have it. There. You. Have it.

I'll throw down £60—who else wants to go in on one of the babies?