Wikipedia Went Down Because Some Idiot Cut Some Cables

By Jon Partridge on at

Yesterday, everyone's go-to online source for free information (cited or not) was knocked offline for a couple of hours, thanks to a bunch of accidentally cut cables near a data centre in Florida.

The 6th Alexa-ranked site in the world was pretty much inaccessible, or extremely slow, due to the physical damage during the outage, meaning those wanting their information fix had to wait for service to resume. It wasn't just limited to Wikipedia, either, a status page showed different parts of the whole Wikimedia network suffered from being cut off. The site -- surprisingly to some -- was not maliciously hacked, or anything similar. It turns out it was just a regular Florida mishap.

Despite relying on donations for more hardware, the website has had a good track record of uptime. In fact its last significant outage was caused deliberately in protest of anti-piracy bills in the U.S, which was a right pain for the rest of us, err, students. [BBC]

Image by pernillarydmark from flickr