Will.i.am Lost His Stupid DeLorean, Then Magically Found It Again

By Jon Partridge on at

Anyone remember will.i.am's redesigned DeLorean? Well, apparently at a party for the launch of his new album, he says that the custom DeLorean that apparently isn't a DeLorean was, er, stolen. I'm not really sure who would want to steal it, seeing as it looks like something I personally wouldn't be seen 10 metres from, but it's what will.i.am said on Twitter, so it must be true. But then he found it again, and all is good, but something smells a little bit fishy.

Of course, he would have been parading his car around with him at the party, but then for some reason he just parked it round the corner. And when he came back, the car was "gone". Right...

Will.i.am never called the police, didn't quite get round to filing a report, but what he did do, was plead to the denizens of Twitter to help find it. Well, West Coast Customs (who you may remember from Pimp My Ride), were behind the $700,000 (£444,800) chop and change, and apparently found the car after will.i.am and WCC's Ryan Friedlinghaus exchanged a multitude of tweets, which include Friedlinghaus stating there's a damn tracking device on the car.

So let me get this straight, it took them over a day to find the monstrosity, even with a tracking device? Yeah, it sounds a bit like a viral marketing stunt gone badly. I mean, who would want to steal it? Better luck next time will.i.am. [Jalopnik]