Would You Ride This Weird Foot-Powered Bike Thing in Public?

By Eric Limer on at

"Ride" might not even be the right verb here, because the "rider" is strapped in and sort of hangs from the frame. In any case, this contraption, called the Fliz Bike, is a prototype intended to make biking more manoeuvrable for urban environments. It may succeed at that, but it just looks weird, partly in a cool way, partly in a doofy one.

It seems interesting, and I'd try it out if I had the chance, but I'm not sure I could get into it as a serious means of conveyance. The way the rider's legs have to kick out to the sides kind of awkwardly in a weird sort of elongated waddle-run just looks...stupid. But maybe you're less cripplingly self-conscious than I am. So what do you think, could you ride (wear?) this kind of contraption with pride? [EcoChunk]