You Can Now Buy a Prototype Hoverbike For Just £54k

By Jon Partridge on at

Some of you may remember last year's awesome hoverbike by Chris Malloy that we all looked at with awe and fists full of money, but it was still in the testing stage. Well, Chris has been working hard on the machine still in development, yet there are no immediate plans for production. BUT, Chris and co. can build you a prototype version for just £53,960 (Au$80,000), and that's not including shipping.

Buying a prototype will mean you get to play with the hoverbike as soon as it ships, but it also means a little bit of risk. Checking out the FAQ on the site, it does state:

"We would like to you buy a hoverbike now, but lets be honest - this takes time to get right. To help speed this up so you can own one, we need funding and man-hours. This bike was built over 2 1/2 years by one person in his car garage after work and studies, and building it is only 10% of the way there. Testing testing and testing needs to be done and we need collective help from you!"

If you don't feel like forking out for the full price of a custom prototype, you can donate to the project instead, where after Chris has reached Au$1.1M (£742,000) he will then give away the current prototype to one lucky donor. All you've got to do is leave a short description with your donation and you could be flying down the road. Well, no promises. [ via UberGizmo]