You Can Own Someone Else's American Dream For Just £2.3m

By Jon Partridge on at

The American Dream is quite the notion, pandering to idealistic romantics in this current day economy, but if you have the cash you can have your own -- well, someone else's -- for the low, low price of just £2.3m ($3.5m), as a Florida man has decided to put pretty much everything he owns on eBay.

Shane Butcher, owner of the R.U. GAME? chain of stores around Florida, has propped up up his entire life on eBay. Everything. His home and condo, along with everything in them; three cars; three kayaks; his personal rare game collection; and all three stores with all the merch and stock intact.

All employees of the stores have agreed to give 110 per cent in helping out the new owners ease into the transition, according to the listing, and Butcher will hang around for a good six months, acting as a consultant, as well as to pay for a full year's worth of lease on the stores. Quite the deal, really. Especially since there's a Lotus Elise and a boxed Neo Geo system, which can go for quite a bit of dosh on eBay... [eBay via MCV via Joystiq]