You'll Soon Be Able to Grab Jelly Bean For Your Galaxy S III and S II

By Jon Partridge on at

Samsung is looking to give the Galaxy S line a bit of Jelly Bean lovin' fairly soon with the Galaxy S III first up to get the 4.1 update, while the Galaxy S II will get the candy-coated Android version just a little bit later.

According to SamMobile, the test firmware for the S III has passed with flying colours and Samsung is currently working on a public version of its first Jelly Bean update for the phone. The Koreans are apparently just waiting on the green light from Google before they release it en-masse. The update is most likely to see the light of day in late Q3 or early Q4, so it could be out any time from now.

The S II will have to wait a little bit longer, as the update is apparently slated to drop in Q4 with testing going quite well too. The Galaxy Note is also likely to also get an update in the same time frame, as it is still selling well, but there's no official word from Samsung yet. The Galaxy Note II is currently being shown off with Android 4.0, but there is a bit of speculation to whether or not it will ship with 4.1, or will be updated a few months down the road. Either way, it looks like Samsung owners will be able to get in on the smooth-and-buttery Jelly Bean magic in the next few months -- Google Now anyone? [SamMobile]