17 People Who Actually Really Love the New Apple Maps

By Casey Chan on at

You know how most people who've used Google Maps and Apple Maps realise that Apple Maps is inexcusably bad and most definitely inferior? Yeah, these are definitely not those people. These people don't give a crap what you think, and actually really love the new Apple maps!

The reasons for such backwards lovin' range from features like "talking maps" to "street view" to just pure unadulterated joy. Sometimes very good, well-to-do people love very bad things, I guess. Or maybe it's just not that big of a deal. Anyways, I applaud them for their positivity.



















I can totally imagine Forstall shielding his beaten down Apple Maps team from all the Maps negativity and showing slide after slide of these Tweets on an overhead projector, all while wearing squeaky pleather and claiming that they're fighting the good fight. Keep on, keeping on. To be fair, Apple Maps can be impressive on the surface — 3D when it works, turn-by-turn is lovely — but any deeper than that and you run into chaos.