A 3D TV With Four 3D Glasses For Just £200 is Your Avatar-Screening-Party-in-a-Box Deal of the Day

By Andy Dawson on at

Remember when 3D television sets first hit the shops? They all cost about ten gasquilion quids and the glasses cost as much again and you had to get a permit from the council because of the carbon monoxide that they gave off and you could only switch them on for three hours a day? About two years ago wasn't it?

Them days have gone, sweet readers. Oh yes. Long gone. In fact, you can now get a 3D TV for roughly the same price as a plastic replacement shin bone from one of those dodgy Korean websites (you know the ones we mean). Uh huh, here's a 32" full HD 1080p 3D LCD telly from Blaupunkt, with FOUR pairs of 3D spectacles chucked in and it's yours for only £199. Who needs cheap, shoddy replacement shins when you can lie around and watch 3D TV all day long instead...?


Today's Bonus Dealz...

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- Assassins Creed: Brotherhood (Xbox 360) – yours for £4.97.
- Sony PS3 500gb console plus assorted stuff – just £229.99.
- Zoostorm Desktop PC, 2GB RAM, 320GB HDD – only £129.99.
- Amazon Kindle 6" Ereader (Wi-Fi) – yours for only £59.00 (with voucher, and £5 back).
- BlackBerry PlayBook tablet – 64GB for £116.10.
- Seagate 3TB Barracuda 3.5" internal hard drive – £99.96 delivered.
- Samsung Galaxy S3 (T-Mobile) – £21 p/m, 24-month contract.
- Samsung Galaxy S3 (Sim-free, unlocked, 16GB) – only £418.

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