Amazon's Cloud Player Now Open for UK Music Streamers

By Gary Cutlack on at

If you want, need and can be bothered fussing about with another collection of logins and are looking for an alternative way of magically putting all your music up into the air with the bees, Amazon's got one. Its Cloud Player's now live for UK users.

You're able to import 250 of your own songs using the free option and the standalone Amazon Music Importer desktop tool, although, rather oddly, Amazon will only let you import tracks this way if you're using Firefox, Internet Explorer or Safari, with Chrome users currently frozen out for some reason.

If you have more than 250 songs you listen to on a regular basis, a one-year Cloud Player Premium upgrade is available for £21.99 to let you import 250,000 individual tracks, which is easily enough room for all of the Pet Shop Boys' albums and maybe one or two of the better Erasure singles as well.

MP3s you buy from Amazon aren't part of your storage limit, mind, so if you want to build up a collection of paid purchases, the storage part of the deal will be free. Click here and login using your usual Amazon account details to start syncing. [Amazon via Music Ally]