An iPhone, a Pawn Shop Tripod and a Beer Tray Helped Make the BBC's First Live Smartphone Video Interview

By Gary Cutlack on at

Apple has picked up a very nice PR win today to help offset the kidney-kicking it's had over the last fortnight, thanks to the BBC using an iPhone to broadcast a live video report from flood-struck Stockton.

BBC man Nick Garnett organised the outside broadcast using an iPhone and video streaming app Dejero LIVE+, which claims to bond a 3G signal with a Wi-Fi connection to boost upload speeds and allow for higher quality video transmissions.

However, as the app only broadcasts one way, the BBC reporter had to run to a nearby phone shop to pick up a separate PAYG handset so the interviewee could hear the questions being put to him by the news team, while a camera tripod was purchased from a pawn shop to hold the phone steady. Oh, and a beer tray was held over the iPhone to stop it getting rained on.

The result is a slightly glitchy start (which Garnett blames on himself for knocking the phone before broadcast and the subsequent image movement eating up more bandwidth) and a bit of a lower res picture than usual, but still. It worked, and a bemused local now has a great story to tell about how weird the BBC is. [Nick Garnett via Engadget]