Android Apps Of The Week: Tiny Wold Story, Chameleon Launcher, and More

By Leslie Horn on at

It's that time again—here's another round of the best Android apps of the week. This time, we've got a voice control tool, a concert app, and much more.

Tiny Bang Story: Tiny World is beautiful. Drawn by hand, the idyllic place recently faced and asteroid attack. Your job? Return it to its former peace by solving various puzzles in five different chapters. Free

Dan Deacon: Be a part of Dan Deacon's electronic shows by downloading this app. If you're at a concert and you have the app, your phone will sync with other devices to make an immersive experience—your phone will become an instrument as well as part of the light show. Free

Bloomberg Radio+: News junkies and finance nerds, this one is dedicated to you—Bloomberg's radio app will bring you perspective on global issues from guests like Bill Clinton, George Soros, and more, streaming 24 hours a day. Miss an interview? You can listen later, even if you're offline. Free

Chameleon Launcher: This tablet-specific app is all about customizing your Android tablet. It lets you create separate home screens with widgets for everything you need like your clock, calendar, RSS feed, social networks, etc., all while beautifying your device. £6.32

Voice Assist: This app controls calls, emails, texts, and posts to Facebook and Twitter with your lovely voice, so your hands are free to do other things like bake a cake or maybe drive. Because those are two things you probably shouldn't do while messing with your phone. Free

Vellamo: Now that Apple's latest and greatest has hit the market, it's time for mobile nerds to trot out all manner of benchmark statistics to help determine who's top dog. Vellamo will help you clock your android unit's scrolling and zooming speed, 3D graphics performance, video performance, memory read/write and peak bandwidth performance as well as a whole heap of other options. Free