Ask the Gizmodo UK Editors Anything* You'd Like, pt. III

By Kat Hannaford on at

We're just one day shy from celebrating the first birthday of Giz UK, so rather than invite you 'round to mine for a shared bottle of red and some shit Saturday night TV, let's all celebrate together the comments of our third AMA. If you have any feedback on how the past 12 months have gone; suggestions for how to better ourselves (no, we're not getting rid of the GIFs), or more questions about our preferred cheese types, ask away!

We’ll try and respond to most questions (unless they’re offensive, or we run out of time), so now’s your chance to ask those burning questions you may have stored up. Please don’t be offended if we tell you to refer to another reply on this thread or the previous two AMAs, as last time we had a fair few double-upped questions, and limited hours to answer everything in.

Please get your questions in before the gate closes at 4pm today, so SamGaryintern-Deji and I can answer them in good time.

Lastly, thanks everyone for your support these past 12 months, which have seen over 13,000 posts published, and over 94,000 comments (from over 5,000 of you!) I won't lie -- it's been a tough slog, and there's still so much I'd like to do with the site (not least of which, planning more readers' meet-ups and parties), but Sam and I are really proud of everything we've built together, so thank ye kindly for reading and commenting, everyone. Chinked glasses of sparkling wine!

*Same rule applies. No creepin’, please.