Coffee Is the Miracle Cure For All Your Desk-Worker's Aches and Pains

By Sam Gibbs on at

That cup of tea you drink in the morning, you might want to swap it for a cup of coffee. Apparently the black and silky bean-based beverage has the ability to stop the pain of the athlete and office worker alike -- pop a coffee 90 minutes before you slump in front of your desk to nuke that office drone's pain.

Researchers from the University of Oslo in Norway discovered that pain development in the neck, shoulder, arms and wrists -- basically what you get when you're anchored to your desk staring at a screen for hours on end -- was greatly reduced when participants in the trial consumed a coffee 90 minutes before sitting down to their task.

Caffeine, and specifically coffee, has been shown to have all sorts of beneficial attributes for the body, from apparently preventing cancer to helping stave off Alzheimer’s. Now it's been shown to have pain-relieving properties, even for the most minor, yet often excruciating, of aliments like desk wrist pain, maybe we should all build it into our lives.

Then again, tea is on the "super foods" list too, so maybe one of each in the morning? If you didn't feel awake after one, the double whammy should have caffeine surging around your veins and you supercharged in no time. [BMC via Metro]

Image credit: Coffee from Shutterstock