Cops Blame "Today's Society" as Mum Learns of Daughter's Death on Facebook

By Gary Cutlack on at

Karla James died in her home just after eight o'clock on July 23rd of this year, with the news hitting Facebook before police could contact her mum. A nephew read of her death on the social site and asked her mum what had happened before she'd been informed. Which is not ideal.

The police eventually managed to get hold of Karla's mother Cheryl some three and a half hours later, but sadly that was after friends and relatives had seen a message on the social network saying "She's died. RIP Karla" and had been asking the mother what had happened to her daughter.

The local MP has asked police to give Cheryl their version of events, with Gwent Police blaming a random member of the public for blurting the news out on the internet, saying: "It is a sad indictment of today's society that an unknown individual made the decision to broadcast such tragic news without consideration for the family." [BBC]

Image credit: Facebook via Shutterstock