Curved Beer Glasses Make You Down Booze Quicker

By Sam Gibbs on at

Apparently we're a nation of binge drinkers, but it might not be all our fault. According to science, it's the curvy glasses we imbibe our beverages of choice from, they trick us into downing our beer quicker, so, err, blame them, not us.

Different shaped beer glasses change the way the same volume of the golden liquid appears to the human eye, tricking you into drinking either faster or slower. Researchers from the University of Bristol found that curved glasses made people drink quite a lot faster than straight glasses, apparently based on the fact that it's more difficult to spot the halfway point.

The study found that people pace their drinking speed on where they think the halfway point of their beverage is, which in a curved glass appears much lower down the glass than it actually is, meaning you drink your beer faster.

So, if you want to get people (your date perhaps?) drunk faster, give them a top-heavy curvy glass, and you'll be getting lucky in no time. Probably. [PLoS One via The Scientist]

Image credit: Beer drinking from Shutterstock