David Cameron Fails Britishness Test On US TV

By Gary Cutlack on at

Our Dave took up the challenge of talking to the American Dave this week, with Cameron wholly expected to be completely "PWNED" by David Letterman, the king of late night US talk shows. But he did OK. Not laugh out loud funny, but also not the amazing cringe-fest you might've expected.

Letterman's interview started out with some questions about Wales, Northern Ireland and the usual queries you might expect an American who likes to play dumb to ask. Cameron fielded them well, without going red in the face at all or calling Letterman a pleb, doing a good job of breaking down the United Kingdom's odd make-up to the US layman.

Cameron stumbled a bit when Letterman started asking him questions about who wrote the national anthem and what "Magna Carta" literally translates to, which has been pounced upon my the UK press as the most embarrassing thing to have ever happened to a man. But really, it was a small chunk of an interview in which Cameron did an adequate job of being the straight man to Letterman's usual bewildered clown persona.

Due to the way no UK TV network has ever managed to make Letterman a success in the UK, despite decades of on/off scheduling, the full interview won't be broadcast over here, but there are plenty of clips of the interview up on YouTube and the whole episode's also on the torrent sites if you long to see a bit of Dave on Dave action. [YouTube]