Desperate to Butcher Yourself a Nano SIM? Here's the "World's First" Nano SIM Cutter

By Sam Gibbs on at

Despite what the creator of the new tiny SIM card had to say about the ability to DIY yourself a fancy new nano SIM, where there's a, err, desperate will, there's a tool for the job. Meet the "world's first" nano SIM cutter.

It'll apparently cut any micro SIM to a nano SIM, apart from the thickness of the thing, of course. Plus it's "the most durable in the world", we'll have to take their word for it, but considering you're likely to only have to use it once, what does it matter? We still don't know whether these cut down SIMs will actually fit into phones, what with the standard being some 15 per cent thinner than the current micro SIM, but I'm sure someone will find out soon.

It's only £22-odd plus shipping from the US. Or, there are a few in the UK too, but at the best part of £35, I'm not sure anyone's that desperate, are they? [Amazon US, Amazon UK 1,2 via 7 Gadgets]