DXO Labs Rates the Nikon D600 Sensor the Third Best Ever

By Mario Aguilar on at

The gurus of camera benchmarks at DXO Labs just published their review of the Nikon D600, rating its 24-megapixel senor the third best of all time behind the two different versions of the Nikon 800. Where's the top Canon? All the way down at number thirteen. Ouch.

Nikon cameras always perform well in these camera tests, but it's pretty incredible that a £2,000 body just beat up on much more expensive cameras like the Nikon D4, and even giants like the £8,000 medium-format Pentax 645D. It's important to remember that these benchmarks only measure an image sensor's potential for color depth, dynamic range, and low-light performance. This potential only accounts for some of a camera's performance, everything from a camera's build to its processor will ultimately determine how good a camera is. That said, this is pretty exciting—esepecially if you're one of the amateurs who's about to go out and buy the new entry-level full-frame D600. [DXOMark]