Face Scanning Cameras Will Know When You're Drunk

By Gary Cutlack on at

The next generation of CCTV cameras may well be able to automatically spot overly drunk potential troublemakers, thanks to the efforts of a team of Greek researchers.

A group from the University of Patras has developed a two-pronged camera system designed to spot drunks, which measures facial temperature and blotchiness to estimate the likelihood of the person in question being found vomiting on themselves in the back of a taxi later on.

The system measures the colouration of areas of the face, matching them against a database of similarly drunk people and using the dilation and redness to estimate a level of intoxication. As well as the blotchy cheek scale, the camera also contains thermal imaging abilities, which track how hot and sweaty a person is, with tell-tale signs being hot noses and cool foreheads. [Iriderscience via Gizmag]

Image credit: Drunk woman from Shutterstock