Game's Latest Ploy to Try and Get You In the Store? Free Wi-Fi

By Sam Gibbs on at

Game is still alive, for the moment at least. It's even the official launch partner of the Wii U, if that actually counts for anything. But it's trying something new to tempt teenagers and tech-nerds alike into its stores -- free Wi-Fi for all, just come and visit. Won't you, please?

BT's been given the nod for the infrastructure, so it should be of a pretty decent speed. It's currently being rolled out to stores as we speak, with the peak Christmas shopping period in mind.

I can’t say it'll be a massive draw for me, but with 341 stores across the UK, I guess it's more blanketing with free Wi-Fi in Britain -- handy for those not jumping on the 4G bandwagon. It just seems a bit, err, desperate to me. Poor Game; please won't you just come and visit? [BT]