Get Your Mitts on a Frickin' "Self-Driving" Car for Only £6,500

By Gana Alampalle on at

BYD has just released self driving car for a mere £6500. That's awfully cheap for a car that packs such state of the art technology (assuming it works of course). Called the BYD Su Rui, it is the successor of the BYD F3 we saw at April's Beijing Auto Show, and you can drive it remotely, James Bond-style. Beyond the most obvious selling point, it's not even a bad-specced car, with a 1.5L 109bhp engine, and mod cons such as GPS & In-car TV.

The catch you ask? Well, you may have to relocate to China, as that's the only market it's actually available in right now, and it can only do a puny 1.5mph when in auto-drive mode, a bit of a deal breaker for most of us. Also, when they say "self-driving" or "auto-driving" they mean via remote control, rather than totally autonomously like Google's offering. Still, the fact that teched-up cars like this are now commercially available is a mighty feat in itself; although it's no Google Car, right? [CarNewsChina via UberGizmo]