Google Hasn't Submitted a Google Maps App to Apple Yet

By Sam Gibbs on at

Those hoping that a Google Maps-shaped fix to the Apple Maps problem would be here any minute are fat out of luck -- apparently Google's "not done anything yet". In fact, Big G hasn't submitted a standalone app yet, so get twiddling those fingers because it's going to be a long while yet.

Talking to Reuters, Eric Schmidt admitted that Google had "not done anything yet" in regards to offering Google Maps on iOS 6, but that it's in talks with Apple "every day". Whether that means Google's been asking "will you let a Google Maps app through?" and Apple's been replying "errr, nope" we don't know.

I suspect that if Google did get up and release a Google Maps app, all those people that are even remotely likely to report problems and help Apple fix its mapping mess would switch in a heartbeat; I know I would at least. Still, it's probably more of a when rather than if Google makes a move for maps on iOS 6, but it's still up to Apple whether it lets an app through the approval process or not. Come on Google -- do us all a favour and get your act in gear. We're screaming out for a Google Maps app here, because the alternatives are a poor comparison to the full-blooded thing. [Reuters via TNW]