Guardian: iPhone 5 "Confirmed" to Run on UK 4G Network

By Sam Gibbs on at

As EE's CEO strongly hinted yesterday, the iPhone 5 is highly likely to be able to run on our brand-spanking-new 4G network. Now the Guardian has some anonymous sources that confirm the iPhone 5 will run on EE's 1800MHz 4G network -- a UK 4G iPhone 5 anyone?

According to the Guardian, Apple's been testing the LTE-equipped iPhone 5 with network hardware manufacturers on the 1800MHz band, which lines up nicely with EE's fledgling 4G network. Corroborating that, is another source that says Apple's registered the iPhone 5 for use on the 1800MHz LTE band with the confidential GSMA database.

I'd still take this as rumour, as we're so close to finding out for sure, but what with EE dropping brick-to-the-face-like hints, and now this, I think we can safely say that a UK 4G-capable iPhone 5 is pretty much a cert, probably. [The Guardian]