Guinness World Record Ruins Christmas With Secret Santa Data Splurge

By Gana Alampalle on at

Another day, another information leak, this time coming from an unlikely source, the Guinness World Records. Redditgift users bagged the largest ever 'Online Secret Santa' record, last Christmas, with 30,250 users in 115 countries.  Soon after hearing the good news, Redditors were allowed to apply for a certificate for a nominal fee, not knowing that their collective Christmases were about to be, err, ruined.

News hit 1,070 British Santas about the delay in their certificate, with everyone's email addresses CC'd in, instantly giving them 1,069 new friends (or spammers). GWR were quick to apologise, of course, stating it was down to human error (isn't it always?). It looks like someone's found their way onto the naughty list. [The Register]

Image credit: Crying Boy from Shutterstock