Hackers Leak One Million Apple Device IDs Stolen From... the FBI

By Gary Cutlack on at

Hacking group AntiSec claims to have stolen a massive collection of Apple hardware and user data from within the FBI, releasing 1,000,001 of the Unique Device Identifiers into the wild as proof of its breach.

AntiSec says it secured details of over 12m Apple devices from files contained on an FBI agent's laptop that was cracked and entered using a Java vulnerability, which raises some rather big questions about exactly why the FBI has been logging and carrying about iOS user details.

The file contained some user names, post codes, phone numbers and addresses as well as the device IDs, although the data was incomplete and has been deliberately edited by the leakers to stop users being fully identified.

AntiSec also added a big speech to the top of the released files, rambling on about how no one would believe its tracking claims about the FBI if it didn't dump the data. So it dumped the data. So there. [Pastebin via TNW]